AVENUE: Top Nightlife Club in Dubai

Avenue is a new night club that has open in Dubai, at the Shangri-La Hotel located on Sheikh Zayed Road, 42nd Floor. 

An elegant and classy lounge, mixed with a sense of orientalism, Avenue offers you a night club experience like never done before. This venue is bound to blow your mind with its breathtaking ambiance, bringing a new definition to nightlife in Dubai

If you are looking for a smooth, sensual and amazing place to hang out with your friends in Dubai, then this is the place to be. Handcrafted drinks of the highest quality, curated music with weekly events, and shisha services is what Avenue offers. Bring your nightlife experience in Dubai to a whole new experience. 

Our mission is to give our customers the utmost glamours and extravagant night club/lounge experience, leading them to be loyal customers. Avenue is not just any other place, it is an area of class, sophistication whilst still being modern, redefining nightlife in Dubai

The ambiance and music are curated and well-thought out by our musical experts delivering an infusion of contemporary music in a relaxed yet exciting manner. Create amazing memories with us at Avenue, where what your desires have been made into reality. Enjoy a night out with your friends for amazing drinks and great shisha services. 

Pass by Avenue for a grand and exciting time at one of the top nightlife venues in Dubai.

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